SOIL / WATER / AIR PROTECTION ENTERPRISE | Santa Monica and Orange County CA
Technical Consultation, Data Analysis and Litigation Support for the Environment.

SWAPE acquires, stores, manages, processes, and analyzes data for various site assessment projects and investigations. We have acquired data and built databases for national, regional, subregional, and local studies to track various environmental phenomena such as historical site developments, changes in chemical concentrations, and other such information as a project demands. We have completed a wide variety of projects where the integration of data and automation of reporting was necessary to relate information for specific purposes.

SWAPE specialists are skilled using a variety of database architectures and experienced designing database modules and other customized database applications to solve project-specific needs. In several cases, we have utilized programming and customized software tools to expedite delivery of information in specific reporting formats that were not possible using the original data sources. Regardless of the technical complexities of data obtained for a case, we have found solutions that allow clients to communicate the information effectively.

SWAPE has extensive experience with a variety of document and legal management software for litigation support projects. We have experience with document acquisition and integration with existing platforms. We also have used a variety of off-the-shelf and proprietary document management solutions. Whatever the case for clients we have assisted, our staff are well versed to provide a wide variety of services relating to document acquisition, review, high speed scanning, document indexing, numbering, and other operations at competitive rates.