SOIL / WATER / AIR PROTECTION ENTERPRISE | Santa Monica and Orange County CA
Technical Consultation, Data Analysis and Litigation Support for the Environment.

Database Management

SWAPE acquires, stores, manages, processes, and analyzes data for various site assessment projects and for litigation support purposes. We have acquired data and built databases for national, regional, subregional, and local studies to track various environmental phenomena such as groundwater contamination by methyl t-butyl ether and other contaminants across the nation.

SWAPE specialists are skilled using a variety of database architectures and programs to manage data for client projects and are experienced designing database modules and custom database applications to solve project-specific needs. We are capable of working with data in any format and can coordinate the development and improvement of data structures with clients to ensure cross-platform communication.

SWAPE specialists use geographic information systems (GIS) software such as ArcGIS to perform geospatial analyses and presentations of data. Databases and integrated GIS basemaps have been used by SWAPE for the development of a variety of work products for internal planning, presentations, expert reports, and for trial exhibits.

Document Management

SWAPE has worked with a variety of document management and searchable case management software for litigation support projects. We have experience with integration and research using:

  • Concordance ®
  • iConect ®
  • Summation ®

SWAPE also has facilities and experienced junior staff personnel to perform document review, high speed scanning, and document indexing and database operations at very competitive rates.