SOIL / WATER / AIR PROTECTION ENTERPRISE | Santa Monica and Orange County CA
Technical Consultation, Data Analysis and Litigation Support for the Environment.

SWAPE has extensive experience conducting air dispersion modeling, ambient air testing, source testing, and odor analyses. We have conducted air pollution investigations at major industrial facilities, such as petroleum refineries, pulp and paper mills, power plants, and other chemical facilities; landfills and compost facilities; and other sites.

SWAPE has extensive experience performing air dispersion modeling using the U.S. EPA promulgated software, AERMOD. We utilize the most current version of the Breeze AERMOD air quality modeling system. We also perform air modeling using other U.S. EPA software packages including ISC and SCREEN3. We have presented air dispersion modeling analyses in expert reports for numerous environmental litigation cases concerning pollutants emitted from oil refineries, natural gas production sites (fracking), pulp and paper mills, chemical plants, food manufacturing facilities, landfills, confined animal feeding operations, incinerators, and oil spills.